Along with a good quality diet and an appropriate exercise programme, prenatal massage is one of the best ways to complement and support a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.

A mother-to-be will typically experience a number of discomforts as her body changes and adjusts to accommodate her growing child and prepare her for labour.

Hormonal changes can also mean senses and emotions are heightened, sometimes resulting in anxiety or stress. A pregnancy massage can help to address all of these issues, providing both physical relief and emotional comfort.

This type of massage, although extremely gentle, has many health benefits such as helping to stimulate the circulation therefore encouraging the bringing of fresh nutrients and oxygenated blood to the whole body.

This also means an improvement in muscle and joint function so reduces discomfort in the weight bearing joints while relieving muscular aches and pains, increasing flexibility and improving muscle tone.

It also stimulates the lymphathic system so encourages the elimination of waste from the body therefore reducing fluid retention.

The massage will also calm the nervous system so will help relieve headaches, encourage better sleep and reduce physical and mental fatigue.

A regular prenatal massage can prepare the whole body for an overall more comfortable pregnancy.

On an emotional level this is the client's special moment of relaxation, to take the time for herself to feel indulged, nurtured and rebalanced.


(30 minutes) ... £30

(1 hour) ... £45

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