THAI YOGA MASSAGE is an ancient form of treatment, originating at least 8000 years ago in India. Its incredibly effective and dynamic technique combines deep tissue massage and applied yoga, working on and unblocking the 'energy main lines' which carry the body's natural healing energy. These lines often become congested due to the stress and tension of everyday life.

The use of yoga-like stretches in the treatment involves the gentle lengthening of muscles and opening of the joints, improving flexibilty and overall mobility. Other benefits of the massage include promoting the circulation of blood and lymph; depending on your needs it can be both energising as well as deeply relaxing. The tranquility created by the massage has a profound effect, not only on a physical level but also on an emotional and spiritual one.

Thai Yoga Massage (1 hour 30 minutes) ... £55
This full body treatment is carried out on a futon, and any loose comfortable clothing can be worn. 

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